A Health Coach is someone who can gently support and guide you to achieve your health goals. Sessions are facilitated to suit an individuals needs and are one on one guided sessions that help you listen to your inner wisdom and transform your goals into action.


Are you sick of having no energy, feeling bloated, gassy, heavy and constantly tired? Are you struggling to figure out what to eat, can’t lose weight and are feeling like you’re spiraling out of control? You don’t have to be like this – it’s not your body working at its best.


Let us help guide you through what it might be that’s holding you back from feeling the best version of you! We have packages that are individualised to you because we believe you are an individual.


Work with a qualified holistic health coach today. Call us to find out more – go on, that’s your first step to happiness.

Lynn is incredible, she is warm, knowledgable and genuine. 

Claire Addinsall