Your colonic should be a stress free experience for you. We do suggest the following in preparation for your colonic.


HYDRATION – please be reasonably hydrated before your colonic. The bowel absorbs water meaning if you are thirsty the session will be a very big drink for you. That’s quite an expensive glass of water!


FOOD – please avoid any foods that might cause upset for you. We advocate a wholefood diet with minimal processed foods. Gas forming foods such as legumes, broccoli, onion etc should also be avoided prior to your colonic.


STRESS – please be mindful about your stress levels prior to your colonic.


CLOTHING – wear comfortable clothing to your appointment, we can offer a gown for you if you have come straight from work.


We will go through your post treatment care at the time of your session. Generally you will feel amazing after a colonic so things like exercising and going back to work are totally fine. We do suggest eating lighter pre and post colonic to ensure you get the best out of your cleanse.