The colon is also known as the large intestine and bowel so don’t be confused by these. Gut health is on the forefront of health at the moment and drinking kombucha is something that only the cool kids are doing. But why? We hope some of these questions help you understand why looking after your gut is so important.


What is the job of the colon?

The colon is basically the rubbish bin of the body. Just like your bin at home, it needs to be emptied and cleaned. If you leave your bin at home full, it starts to smell and the bin of the body is no different. The colon has many functions other than just storing waste. It is also responsible for hydrating the body and absorbing electrolytes. It absorbs specific nutrients and vitamins, it stores up to 90% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter in charge of regulating our moods, it supports up to 80% of our immune system which is why people are looking to health their gut to heal other symptoms. It is often referred to as the second brain of the body as it is so emotionally driven – ever wondered where your gut feeling comes from? It also holds a huge component of good and bad gut bacteria (our micro biome) which is crucial to good health some claim should be labelled as another organ.


How do I know I have a healthy colon?

  • You are having a bowel movement at least once a day.

  • Elimination should be short and take no longer than a few seconds.

  • Stools should be long and smooth, without cracks, light brown in colour, minimal odour and should float or sink.

  • Stools should flush easily and not mark the toilet bowl.

  • You should have the feeling of being empty.


How long does a treatment take?

Generally anywhere between 25-45 minutes. Initial consultations go for 90 minutes which gives us time to go through your health history. Standard consultations go for 60 minutes.


What happens during a colonic treatment?

If you are a first time client you will need to have an initial consult with your therapist. This consult goes through previous health history, reasons for having the treatment and identifying any health issues. Your therapist then explains the basics of the digestive system and how the treatment works. This will help you to feel comfortable and confident in preparation for your session.


Lying comfortably on your back, fully covered, a qualified therapist will introduce a series of warm, filtered water infusions in gentle regulated flows into your colon. Both water and wastes are eliminated through a separate exit tube. There is no smell, noise or mess and you will see the eliminations as they occur through a well-lit viewing tube. Some people say that watching it all leave is the treatment highlight! Throughout the treatment the therapist will massage your belly while using essential oils (if you'd prefer to not have this done just let us know). This massage encourages the removal of faecal matter, gas, mucous and even parasites.

The treatments go for approximately 35 minutes and are completely safe. It is a very gentle process designed to gently stimulate and awaken the colon’s innate ability. The disposable tubing and speculum come in pre-sterilised and sealed packages. They are used only once then disposed of immediately.


What should I do before and after my treatment?



  • Be well hydrated

  • Eat lighter meals

  • Don’t eat anything two hours before your session

  • Juicing, detoxifying and fasting are all brilliant to tie in with colonics

  • It is a good idea to avoid alcohol, caffeinated tea and coffee, carbonated drinks, chocolate, processed and junk foods, dairy products, sugar and heavy foods.

  • Avoid foods that irritate you.

  • Some great supplements to use are activated charcoal, chlorophyll, bentonite clay and psyllium husk before your treatment.



  • Eat lighter. Soups and salads are ideal. Cooked vegetables and lighter meats.

  • Avoid heavy meats, breads, alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolate, processed and junk foods, dairy products, sugar and heavy foods.

  • Avoid foods that irritate you.

  • Use probiotics (we have these in stock).


You can return to work and exercise after a treatment.


Is there risk of contamination from equipment?

No. Whenever you are having colonics it is essential that you check your therapist is using disposable equipment and filtered, warmed water. At The Healthy Gut Centre, we use disposable speculums, tubing and under pads for each treatment. The clinic is cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant after every client to adhere to the highest quality and cleanliness standards. Unfortunately there are still clinics in Australia using reusable equipment so it is best to check this before booking a treatment.


Will colonics help constipation?

Colon Hydrotherapy is able to relive constipation through hydrating and restrengthening the bowel and removing old and stubborn faecal matter. If you are not having a daily bowel movement that feels 'finished' then you could be classed as being constipated. Having a bowel movement every second, third or tenth day needs to be addressed and colonics can help as it works to restrengthen a lazy or under used muscle (the colon). It's like boot camp for the belly! 

As a direct result of poor diet, stress and lack of exercise and water it is not uncommon for people to have 1-5kg of waste sitting in their colon. This matter can putrefy and produce toxins which is reabsorbed across the bowel wall and into the blood stream.


Some causes of constipation:

  • Insufficient intake of water

  • Too little physical exercise

  • Inadequate fibre (too many processed foods)

  • High degree of emotional stress

  • Dehydrating drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks)

  • Some medications

  • Weak muscle tone of the colon


Colon Hydrotherapy helps speed up the transit time of matter moving through the bowel. The transit time for food to pass through the colon should be approximately 24 hours, but the average Australian is working on about 60+ hours.


Can I use laxatives if I am constipated?

Laxatives are a short term fix treating a symptom to an underlying problem within the bowel. Laxatives will not help alleviate long term problems with constipation as extended use begins to strip the function of the bowel away. They also destroy the inner balance of the guts eco system and you can become easily dependant. Colon hydrotherapy assists people with constipation through retraining and re-strengthening the bowel.


Will one treatment be enough?

Very rarely. One colonic will remove some of the putrefied faecal matter residing in the bowel. The second and following will release much more so a minimum of three sessions is recommended.. As the bowel is anywhere between 1.5-2m in length one session does not usually achieve a full cleanse. We can offer advice on a treatment plan designed to help you. 


Closed v Open System – what is the difference?

The closed system of colon hydrotherapy requires a qualified therapist to administer the treatment. You will be lying comfortably on the bed, the therapist will complete the insertion for you and provide feedback throughout the session while stimulating the bowel through abdominal massage.


The open system of colon hydrotherapy is where you do your own treatment by laying on a bed that is moulded in the shape of the body. You are required to guide yourself onto a speculum and are in charge of administering the treatment. Generally a therapist is not present for this.


At The Healthy Gut Centre we have been able to provide advice on numerous digestive issues such as parasites, worms, candida, dehydration etc which is why a closed system of colon hydrotherapy is better for you as a client.


Will I lose good bacteria?

There can be some good bacteria lost during a session but no more than when you have a normal bowel movement. The average person should have about 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria although unfortunately in most people it is often reversed. Colonics are great at giving you the opportunity for a fresh start. We always recommend probiotic supplementation after a colonic and other fermented foods to assist in rebuilding the good bacteria.


Can I have a colonic during my menstrual cycle?

Yes. The body is already in cleansing and detoxifying mode so colonics are great to tie in at this time should you not feel too bloated and tender.


Will it hurt?

For most people the treatment is quite comfortable and pain-free. Certain people with an unhealthy bowel that is overloaded with toxic matter may experience some mild cramping. This feeling may come in waves as the colon releases matter or gas during the treatment. This feeling can be described as a feeling of diarrhoea or period like pain and the feeling instantly subsides once the release has occurred.


How will I feel after the treatment?

People generally feel great, more relaxed but full of energy, like a weight or burden has been lifted! A cleansed and hydrated colon, free of hindering toxic substances can lead to a refreshed outlook not only physically but emotionally too - that's because of our gut / brain connection. Some people can feel tired if an elevated detox has occurred.


Will my colon get stronger?

Yes. Through this treatment we are awakening the colon so it will be more toned and responsive. When it is full of hardened faecal matter, it becomes very difficult to have complete, healthy bowel movements and it’s natural (peristaltic) movement is restricted. Peristalsis, is the name for the wave-like muscular contractions that propel matter through the colon. Every time a person has a treatment their colon gets a workout and we have been successful in brining lazy colons back to life!


What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?

An enema can be administered by you at home and only clears the first few inches of the colon. A colonic is performed by a therapist and has the opportunity to cleanse the entire colon.


Contraindications of the treatment – who can’t have a colonic?

The following conditions are contraindicated which means you are unable to have a treatment.

  • Cancer of the bowel, rectum, liver or kidney

  • Pregnancy (first and third trimester although we prefer to not treat women while pregnant)

  • Recent abdominal/rectal surgery

  • Diverticulitis (in its inflamed state)

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Heart / Liver / Kidney / Gall Bladder Disease

  • Severe haemorrhoids

  • Unmonitored high blood pressure

  • Severe Anemia

  • Fissures / Fistulas (in its inflamed state)

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Renal insuffiency

  • GI heamorrhage perforation

  • Abdominal hernia

  • Cirrhosis

Can I have a treatment while pregnant?

We have treated pregnant women at The Healthy Gut Centre during the second trimester of their pregnancy to assist in alleviating the bowel and in times of constipation. Generally we would prefer for pregnant women to wait until after the birth to have a treatment. The first and last trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated.


Will the treatment help me lose weight?

A treatment can assist in removing stubborn matter so you can lose weight in ‘waste’ which at times can assist to trim your waistline. We promote healthy lifestyle and eating patterns at Colonics Darwin and can assist you to achieve your goal weight through our Health Coaching sessions.

How big is the speculum and will it fall out?

It is no bigger than an average sized thumb and no, we have a great track record at The Healthy Gut Centre with no speculums falling out to date! That's over 6500 bums worth.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing is best although we have gowns available should you be coming straight from work.