What are they?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are extracted from different parts of plants including the flower, seeds, bark, stems and roots. It only makes sense that Mama Earth surrounded us with the goods to help us heal and essential oils are just that, the immune system of a plant. Take peppermint for example, one drop is equivalent to 28 cups of tea.


Essential oils are fastly becoming an every day household item with oil lovers wanting to be proactive with their health. Essential oils have both physical and emotional healing properties and can help to improve sleep, reduce stress, enhance immunity or reduce toxicity through the products used to clean your home or on your body. At The Healthy Gut Centre we proudly align with doTERRA Essential Oils because we believe they are the best on the planet.

Essential Oils are able to heal the body physically on a cellular level as they penetrate the cell membrane, meaning they work wonders to prevent and treat viral conditions and other ailments. 

The Physical Body

The Emotional Body

As we self diffuse the oils by rubbing them on our palms and inhaling, the tiny molecular particles travel through our nasal passage and straight into our limbic system and this is why essential oils can help improve mood, energy and focus.

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